Bennie van Greunen, Inca Concrete Products Financial Manager has taken the Social Responsibility portfolio under his wing. He understands the desperate need for funding of the many projects across the Cape Peninsula. However for Bennie ‘Charity begins at home’ and he has selected a few charities that are not only close to his heart but are also close to the proximity of Inca’s head office and factory.

One of the charities that is benefitting is the Ark. Inca Concrete Products donates R7500 worth of meat every week to the Ark which provides these destitute people with the necessary nutrition and vitamins that will help them to thrive.

The Ark is home to South Africa’s ‘invisible people’ society’s down and outs, the rejects of the world that the Ark has adopted battered women, street children, prostitutes, vagrants, alcoholics, drug addicts and the sick and dying of all races. The ARK’s mission is to transform these people’s lives and through Inca’s kind donations they are adding great value to their gradual healing.


Another of Inca’s charities is the Cape Town Society for the Blind which relies on the private, business and corporate sector support to train those who are blind or visually impaired. By supporting the Society’s training and employment initiatives, they help them to make the most of their abilities. The Society is making sure that blind and visually impaired people get the right kind of help that will improve their quality of life and this is done with the help of companies such as Inca.


Inca also donate on a monthly basis to Saint Giles – an association for the handicapped. The Mission of Saint Giles is to provide a service and support system within its financial constraints to handicapped persons from all communities which improve their quality of life.


Another charity that Inca feel deserves their support is St Luke’s Hospice. St Luke’s provides palliative care to people who are approaching the end of their lives. A team of skilled professional staff and volunteers improves the quality of life of these patients through early identification, impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and the other physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the patients and their families. This is given, irrespective of the patient’s ability to pay for the service.


Here are just a few other worthy charities that Inca donates to on a regular basis:

SA Medical Foundation, Basket of Hope, Family Reunion Centre, Good Hope Foundation, Rape Crisis Little Miracles, New Somerset Hospital, Help SA Now, National Sea Rescue, IMUSA Foundation.