The engineered solution for simple erosion protection.


Armorflex erosion control system provides an alternative for a wide variety of erosion control and drainage projects.
Armorflex system is flexible, conforming to ground contours, settling without cracking, and requires limited ground preparation.

Armorflex is a flexible, interlocking matrix of machine-compressed, cellular concrete blocks of uniform size, shape, and weight. The matrix is connected by a series of cables which pass longitudinally through preformed ducts in each block, making them easy to install over site-specific filter fabric on a prepared surface.

Armorflex revetment systems combine the favourable aspects of lightweight blankets and meshes such as porosity, flexibility, vegetation encouragement, and habitat enhancement with no erodible self-weight and the high tractive force resistance of a rigid lining.

Armorflex has proven to be an aesthetic and functional alternative to dumped stone riprap, gabions, structural concrete, and other heavy-duty, durable erosion protection systems.


The Versatility of Armorflex

Storm water and drainage canals * Roadside Drains * Strip Roads and Access Roads * Articulating Concrete Block * Revetment Systems * Channel Lining Riverbank Protection* Drainage ditch Lining * Pipe line Protection * Boat Ramps * Reservoir Slope Protection * Lake Shore Protection * Bridge Abutment Protection * Dikes and Levy Protection * Dam Crests and Spillways * Weirs and Overflow Channels

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