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Permeable Paving


One of the fastest growing approaches to green site development is permeable paving. There are a variety of options of permeable concrete paving but all operate on the same principle: to allow rainwater to seep through a paved surface, which naturally cleanses pollutants and recharges aquifers instead of having the storm water run onto other properties and into storm drains.

Because engineered curb and gutter storm drainage systems are costly to design and build, permeable pavement systems can often reduce overall construction costs. Permeable paving systems typically cost more than conventional pavement, but any additional paving cost is offset, at least in part, because there is less need for storm water management infrastructure. Catch basins, storm water ponds, curbs, gutters and storm drains can be eliminated or downsized. As a result, permeable paving has become a standard part of most developed countries offerings.


The Benefits to the Developer:

  • • Minimizing storm water management issues simplifies planning.
  • • Permeable paving puts money in the developer’s pocket because there’s no need to install costly, storm water, water collection and detention areas.
  • • Eliminating collection and detention areas increases the effective developable area, which also saves the developer money.
  • • A safer surface that’s easier to grip.
  • • Less chance of erosion and water seeping into basements.
  • • A better appearance because permeable paving eliminates the need for ugly surface runoff measures.
  • • Lower maintenance costs because permeable surfaces require fewer repairs and need to be resurfaced less often.
  • • More water to the root systems of plants and trees in the vicinity, resulting in healthier vegetation.
  • • Run off to rivers and eco systems are not harmed by pollution, which is collected at point.
  • • Water Management. Re harvesting of water through retention tanking systems, hence water conservation.
  • • And most importantly developers will receive credits on green certification programs.

As with so many green building and site features, doing the right thing for the environment should be the largest benefit of all for the developer.

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