TA Range

The INCA β€˜TA’ brick is made in a unique process from specially selected natural stone aggregates, mixed with cement, pressed to a shape under enormous pressure and then baked at 200 degrees Celsius to form a precisely accurate, very dense and durable brick. The Granite facebrick may be used immediately and there is no curing shrinkage.

Slight changes in colour consistency can occur in production due to climate, temperature and variations in the aggregates or cement. Any colour difference is highlights if the brickwork starts with another batch on a new lift, forming a horizontal colour band. Bricks should be blended by feeding the bricklayers from two different loads. Ensure that the full quantity is ordered so it can be manufactured in one batch.

Mortar mix: Grade 2 mortar – 1 part cement, 1 part lime, 6 parts sand. The batches should be carefully measured by volume and mixed with mechanical mixer. Lime is advantageous in that 1. Lightens the mortar colour, 2. Slows down the setting so that minute movements can take place without cracking,3. Makes mortar easier to use, 4. Resists white weeping that leeches from mortar joints


Polished-RosePolished Rose

Traditional-RedTraditional Red

Polished-SilverPolished Silver

Grey-PolishGrey Polish

Polished-Eco-NaturalPolished Eco Natural

Speckle-CharcoalSpeckle Charcoal

Speckle-Silver2Speckle Silver