The wedge blok retaining wall system resembles conventional masonry and is of pleasing proportions. It will integrate easily with most architectural guidelines. The introduction of the unique wedge blok provides flexibility in design, from a gentle curve to a sharp right angle.


Wedge Rough Grey

Wedge Rough Grey Product Image

Wedge Grey Smooth

Wedge Grey Smooth Product Image

Wedge Block Taper

Wedge Block Taper Product Image

Wedge Block Exp Tan

Wedge Block Exp Tan Product Image

Wedge Block Full

Wedge Block Full Product Image

Wedge Block and Half

Wedge Block Half Product Image

Wedge Block Combo

Wedge Block Combo Product Image

Wedge Block Four Texture

Wedge Block Four Texture Product Image

Wedge Block Group

Wedge Block Group Product Image


• Aesthetically pleasing •

• Exposed aggregate is made of table mountain sandstone to blend into landscape •

• Textured finish will appeal to more modern designs and pigmented to natural stone colour •

• The notch incorporated in the block facilitates horizontal reinforcing bars, thus allowing for vertical wall construction •

• Specific colours are available for large orders of interest to up-market developments with strict architectural guidelines •

• Ideal for landscaping the larger planting area of the rectangular block allows for rapid greening of the wall with excellent adhering conditions for creepers •

• Inca will provide a complete package installation service and engineering drawings •

• Available in aggregate and textured finish •