Inca Concrete



Dimensions: 222x105x72

Strength: in 7 or 14 MPA
(or 21 MPA: special order)

Weight: 3.6 kg

53 per square meter

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Sustainable Development has become one of the ever-present modern buzzwords. We are all concerned about the world we will be leaving behind for future generations and the concrete industry is playing a much larger role in this regard than most of us may realise.

In homes and buildings, concrete’s thermal mass plays a role in its energy efficiency. Inca Concrete’s masonry blocks use both insulation and thermal mass to deliver an energy efficient building.

Inca Masonry Products are made of highly durable concrete, that actually gain strength over time and conserves resources by reducing maintenance and the need for reconstruction. This makes concrete an affordable, long-term building product.

Concrete is also an extremely versatile product that has existed in various forms for centuries. But only recently has it become known that concrete plays a significant and valuable role in protecting and enhancing our environment. When evaluating the environmental aspects of building materials, concrete’s sheer pervasiveness makes it easy to overlook. It’s with us everywhere from homes to buildings to highways. But using concrete as a construction material actually helps protect our natural resources and offers consumers benefits that aren’t available with other building products. In an era of increased attention to the environmental impact of construction and sustainable development, concrete masonry products have much to offer.

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