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Centuries ago, the Inca nation ruled nearly half of South America. We adopted the name to remind ourselves of what we should strive for in building materials of reliable quality backed by an enduring culture of service. Inca will carry on this tradition by becoming the leader in manufacturing and supply of concrete bricks, blocks and paving products.


We have built a reputation in the trade for producing the most consistent, quality concrete products available in the marketplace – with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Eerste Rivier. Inca has been most successful in providing their customers with superior products and exemplary service.

At Inca we will carry on this tradition by becoming the leader in manufacturing and supply of concrete face bricks, plaster bricks, blocks and paving products. We aim to be innovative in green and energy-saving products and combine this with quality service at reasonable prices.

Safety in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace is critical to the success of running a business. Inca has responsibilities regarding health and safety and at our factory we ensure that our business doesn’t create health and safety problems for staff, our customers and the general public.

Everybody who works for Inca are entitled to an environment that is safe and secure. Inca advocates that good health and safety management at work takes proper planning, organisation, control and monitoring procedures. Their Health and Safety policies provide a broad-based set of expectations integrated into areas of accountability and expects their management to address these issues daily.

Skills Development

At Inca we believe that training our employees will bring our business an increase in productivity, profits, motivation and most importantly higher customer satisfaction.


Our business environment is constantly changing, so at Inca we need to ensure that the knowledge and skills of our staff keeps pace with these changes. At Inca we invest a lot of time and money in developing skills that benefit our staff which will ultimately improve our business.


Primarily we need to identify the gap between the skills of our staff and the skills that our business needs. Then we identify what type of training our staff needs and we draw up a training plan, to ensure that all our employees know what learning opportunities are available to them.

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